Children’s Cutting & Finishing

We have been cutting & styling children for over 25 years, We understand that they are more impatient than the elder generation and that’s why we have patience to ensure that we complete your child’s haircut, even if they don’t want to…. To ensure your child becomes familiar with having their hair cut, we believe that regular cuts from a young age with the same stylist has proven to be beneficial in gaining their own confidence. 




Cutting Services We Offer


Includes a double cleanse, Nourishing Conditioner, Cut into any style required, Dried & Styled 


Cut & Blow-Dry 

Includes a double cleanse, Nourishing Conditioner, up-to 3 inches of length cut including layering, Dried & Styled. 


Wet Cut 

Includes a double cleanse, Nourishing Conditioner & up-to 3 inches of length cut including layering. (No Blow-dry included)


Treatment Summary

  • Service Time?

    30 – 60 Minutes 

  • What Products Are Used?


  • Are hair treatments included? 

    No – But you can add these on

  • What days are you open?

    We are open 6 days per week.  

  • Duration Of Results?

    6-8 Weeks   

  • Will you recommend home care?

    Yes, including products

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long should I leave until I have another hair cut?

We recommend having your hair cut every 6 to 8 weeks to keep it in optimum condition, If you are growing your hair we suggest returning 8 – 10 weeks. 

How do I keep my hair looking like I've just left the salon?

We will do our best to show you tips and tricks on how to manage your hair style when leaving our salon and we’ll even recommend the products that will help you achieve the look we created. 

How qualified are our stylists?

Our Stylists all have extensive knowledge and extended qualifications in hairdressing and the patience to ensure your child is comfortable and safe at all times during their visit.